Fly Japan ~for paragliding pilots


Fly Japan

We have many flight sites in Japan. These flight sites are managed by paragliding school. Paragliding school contract to landowner, and then paragliding school get permission to fly by paraglider under the contraction. If we want to fly paraglider, please follow any rules.
Please check below.

Before flight, you go to reception of paragliding school and to accept for flight. You CAN NOT go directly to launch. Please understand flight rules before flight. And Do not forget to sign up on registration.

〇3rdParty Insurance
When reception, you need to show 3rd party insurance and flight license of your country. We recommend that you have mobile phone and you use LIVETRACING.

〇Radio Communication
When you fly, you need radio that you can use in the sky. We can use just special digital radio. If you do not have radio, please ask to paragliding school.

〇Official landing
You should land official landing. Normally we can not fly XC. If you land somewhere, paragliding school will charge to you for penalty. If you want to fly XC, please ask to paragliding school.

If you land on the trees, normally paragliding school will go to rescue to you. Some paragliding school staff get some special training for rescue. But you will pay for these rescue (min 20,000 yen).
We can call helicopter on just only serious case. If you need helicopter rescue, they charge to fees for rescue. It is so expensive.

Thank you for your understanding. Safe fly !